Underwater civil works

Our underwater civil works team comes to you, wherever you are. Whether in an emergency or for standard inspection, maintenance, building or repair work, we always carry out our projects with precision. 

Certified by the Canadian Coast Guard and the Canadian Welding Bureau, and a member of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, our team of divers offer fresh water, salt water and contaminated water diving services. 

  • propeller and hull cleaning
  • welding
  • concrete work
  • ultrasonic thickness gauging
  • wreck refloating
  • cutting
  • blasting
  • pontoon rental
  • sewage outfall, port infrastructure, dam, breakwater, lock, and deck and culvert bedding and invert inspections for municipalities, government bodies and private businesses.

We certify the quality of each project we undertake with reports and multimedia tools, allowing us to carry out underwater civil works while respecting your budget and timeframe.